List of Software you can download. We do not support XP 6.0 (at the moment).
PATHy 2.1

The only X-Plane Flight Planner - avbailable for Mac and PC.
Based on XP apt/nav data.

XP 5.66 compliant

Visit the web pages for more info

FMS II - Flight Management System (Logbook)
The only XP specific logbook available. Running on Mac and PC. Available as a runtime (no other software needed), or as an OpenSource database project (Filemaker required).

Visit the FMS II pages.

Fighter Logbook - the Demo
The advanced Fighter Logbook. Download the demo to test FLB yourself. Please read the documentation.

Visit the FLB pages.

Hektor II

Your virtual tour guide. Plays audio files and shuffles real weather files on user triggers (key pressed). Ideal to create audio guided sight seeing tours etc... XP 5.32 compliant

Visit the web pages for more info


Flight data analyzer and transmitter. Reads the x-plane.out
file and displays the recorded data. Finally you can save the compressed (downsampled) data to a tab delimited file.

Visit the web pages for more info

Beginners freeware Pilot logbook

This version has only basic functions, but it is free. You need Filemaker 3 to run this thing.

Visit the Logbook pages.
Simple Speech
rel 1.0

This tool shows you the abilities of the Apple TextToSpeech technology. You can easily create scenarios and let Speecher speak them.

Visit the web pages for more info
ATC Chatterbox
Hear any ATC sounds in the background while running XP.

Visit the ATC Chatterbox pages.

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