Some of the earlier screenshots have been taken in XP 4.6 (and older). Those textures have been mounted on flat 2D objetcs - textured roofs.

You still can do that, especially if you need more than 8 custom textures. But since XP 4.7 we can officially use custom textures.

This set below features the "old" screenshots. Note that none of the new textures is presented here in this section. If you like to know how some of the new textures look from above, check the scenery section under "current work".

over a vilage let's go divin'

close up

city & bridge
xp harbor

over a vilage ...

two textures
in one pic.
another vilage

vilage in
morning light
third vilage

over a vilage

a city

a field

a field

more fields

you gess...

fields, fields...
several cities
even more fields
another field
additional screenshots are available in the scenery section.

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