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More on making rivers.

In one of the recent postings, Michel wrote about designing rivers:
> If the river is at about the same elevation all the way, you may use
> FlatSea II (Mac only) that will flatten it (and the sea and lakes) for
> you at the level you wish (user input).

I use FlatSea for ALL rivers, not only those with the same elevation. Here
is the way I do it:
1) Toggle water to land (as proposed by Michel)

2) Move polygon nodes (as proposed by Michel)

3) Now let's assume that the rivers starts in the west at 2000 ft, and
leaves the polygon in the east at 1000 feet. I re-toggle about 5 polygons
back to land so that I have 6 separate "lakes" (i. e. river parts). This
can be illustrated as follows (w = water, L = land):

is changed to

Save the env file, quit WorldMaker.

4) Start FlatSea, flatten the "lakes" to 2000, 1800, 1600, 1400, 1200, and
1000 ft. Save the file.

5) Restart WM and toggle the separations back to water. Now you have 5
very shallow "waterfalls" with 61 m elevation difference each. Save the

Works perfectly for me - FlatSea is one of the greatest XP tools. Merci,