The ESP Guidelines have been defined and are approved by the ESP designer community. The goal of the guidelines is to give the designers a guide to good scenery creation.

Many hours have been spent in Worldmaker - it would be a shame if the knowledge gained in those hours would not be accessible to new scenery designers. The guidelines are here to transport this knowledge to you, the reader.

ESP was founded to make scenery design more consistent, less redundant and much more fun. Before you begin to create scenery, have a read of the guidelines provided here. You will learn a lot, and it will save you many demotivating situation.

If you think you can improve/expand/correct any of the guidelines, please contact the site admin.

Official ESP Guidelines
Scenery designer's
Tips & Tricks
by Hans
by Michel
Rivers, Lakes and shores
by Michel
by Wolfgang
by Michel
Mountains & Valleys
by Wolfgang
Tecnical references
by Michel
by Roland
Distribution Guidelines
Tools & Things
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