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X-Plane Texture Definitions
... a different approach
by Hans van Kampen <>

5. Texture nomenclature

Michel Verheughe (Norway) has made a sound proposal for the definition of a nomenclature for various textures and their usage within X-Plane.

His proposal is based on assumptions about nature, position and elevation of textures within the XP world and the usage of new additional editing tools for scenery in X-Plane.

Although his concept is basically correct, one should be reminded of the following observations:

(1) Any custom designed texture (or object) should carry an initial (or ‘prefix’) identifying its designer, f.e. ‘mv_’ or ‘vk_’

(2) the transition textures should have post-fixes, like ‘_c’ for diagonal transitions, or ‘_h’ for horizontal transitions.

(3) between prefix and postfix is a brief denominator, designating the nature of the texture, f.e. ‘wood’, ‘city’ etc.

An example of a correct nomenclature is: ‘vk_wood_city_c’ ;

meaning a corner transition texture (or border) between a wood and a city.

(4.0) IMPORTANT to denote is, that too long names cause too large ENV files!!!
Correct glueing of these files by XP may be jeopardized if names exceed 16 characters in XP version 5.03. Possibly later versions will not be prone to this quirk... It is important that ENV files remain below 90 kb in size.

(4.1) It is important to test modified ENV-files before placing obstacles in them. Always make backups from modified ENVs prior to adding obstacles.

(5) +Designating intermediate elevation textures+
At this moment the nomenclature proposed by Michel Verheughe is a good starting point. However for the reasons explained above I would modify his proposal as to ad a digit to the texture’s name for elevations:

F.e. ‘vk_mnt_grs_c_15’ meaning a mountain to grass corner transition at the 1500 feet isogone. The rotation of this texture should be made manually in World-Maker or any other future editor, if not correct.

(6) Any texture file must be closed with ‘.BMP’ : f.e. ‘mv_grs.BMP’

Prevent too long names though.

© Hans van Kampen, 25th Sept. 1999

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