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SimpleSpeech is a RealBasic project, written in the spirit of the HabakukSoft™ QuickHack™ series.

The main purpose was for us to test how speech functionality can be included in our own RB developpement projects.

SimpleSpeech is based on RealBasic r2 (written in d49) and two xfnc (external functions) that came originally from a hypercard stack.

SimpleSpeech was written in under 5 hours, and provides only very limited features.


However, X-Plane Pilots may have fun with it, and RealBasic developpers may get an idea how easy speech can be implemented in RB with the help of xcmds and xfncs.

HabakukSoft™ proudly presents a cross compiled version, so even those using winblows can run SimpleSpeech.

So what exactly does SimpleSpeech ?

Let us show the functionality with the help of some pictures :

Select the desired voice for all three "actors" of the scenario
List of entries in the scenario file. Field 1 = voice, field2 = delay in ticks
Select the speed (rate) and the pitch of the voice
Select voice for instant speaker
Drop/Paste text - and it will be spoken instantly
Load a scenario file
1.) Choose the voices, rates and pitchs for all three "actors"
2.) Push "Load scenario" button to open a scenario file
3.) Push "Speak scenario" to listen.

4.) Drop some text onto the InstantSpeaker field
5.) Change voice for InstantSpeaker