The adventure scenery consists of an env_file and a replacement apt_dat file. The scenery features deep and shallow canyons and a couple of airports. Some are in the flatlands, others are deep in the canyons.

It is fun to fly deep low and fast, or under bad conditions. Fly through the valley when visibility is under 5 miles. Or try to fly the valley with a heavy - wow you must know how to fly a bird or you will crash. Please note - the scenery was designed for XP 5.0 and will not work with XP pre-5 versions or 6.x !

Below you can click on the scenery thumbnails to bring up a larger version of this picture.

Download the complete adventure scenery package (env_file and apt_dat file).

advscenery50.sit (2790kb)

advscenery_PC (ZIP) (3386 kB)

Ziped env file only (55 kB)

High above the scenery
Flying in forest covered valleys Usual flight attitude
One of the entry points
A harbor in one of the bays A silent part of the flight
The walls are getting higher...
The first adventure... fly through
a burning canyon !
This is how you usually fly...
Visit the waterfalls...
One of the airports at 10kft
below surface...
How fast is the fastest possible ? Wich way now ???
Hehee.. a bug ! Another entrance...
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