What's the PilotLogBook ?

This section has some explanations if you still don't know what PilotLogBook is good for.

What's it ?

The unofficial X-Plane PilotLogBook is a relational database project, developped in FileMaker Pro 4.x

Based on an idea from another X-Plane pilot, i have implemented a flight records database that will let you keep track of your sim flights.

The project incorporates five tables - the LogBook, the pilot table, the flight records table, the aircraft table and the airport table.

If you are not interested in a LogBook, you still want to take a look at the airport database, since this table holds all the data from the Apt_Dat file. As of yet, the airport table holds more than 10000 airport entries. The table provides an easy and clear interface to the big bunch of aiport data.



What is this LogBook good for ?

I always wanted to know how many hours i've been flying in X-Plane. But i messed greatly with the flight data, so i begand to look for a better logging method. That's why i developped the unofficial X-Plane PilotLogBook. This database project should make it real easy to keep track of when you have been flying in what plane, what route, in what weather conditions and so on.

If you want precise statistics like "how many times i've been flying with my Citation-X in heavy rain conditions under IFR rules and landed successfully ?" then you should use the PilotFlightBook.

The PilotLogBook is intended to X-Plane users for fun purposes, but i think it will assist you also in a quite serious analysation of your flight acitvities, training efforts and so on.




How do i use it ?

Simply download the whole package, unstuff/unzip it and load the main table (Pilot Log Book) with your copy of FileMaker 3.x (and later). Since FileMaker is cross platform compatible, even the windooh community may use this database.

As a regular Mac application, there's no need for long documentation - doubleclick and look... if you want more information, there's a help section inside the database projcet.

If you still cannot see how to use it - feel free to contact me.



What functions are implemented ?

There's a great lot of functionality built into the database. I have defined lots of scripts so you only have to press various buttons and don't have to mess with the database menues and functions. Still, if you want to search for something i havent implemented, then your absolutely free to define your own querys, statistics and more.

As of yet, PilotLogBook has the following functions built in :

- New Pilot
- Show Pilots
- Add Flight Record
- Show List of Flight Records (All pilots)
- Show List of Flight Records (selected pilot only)
- Search Flight Records (All pilots)
- Search Flight Records (Selected pilot only)
- Statistics
* Total Flight time
* Total Flight time per aircraft
* Total Flight time for IFR flights
* Total Flight time for VFR flights
* Total Flight time for Training flights
* Total Flight time for Regular flights
* Sum of IFR flights
* Sum of VFR flights
* Sum of Training flights
* Sum of Regular flights
* Sum of ILS landings
* Sum of vis. landings
* Total burnt fuel
* Total incidents
* Total successfull landings
* Total landings with damage
* Total fatal crashes on landing

Not yet implemented (but comming soon)

* Smallest runway ever landed successfully
* Biggest runway ever landed successfully
* Number of landings on a particular airport
* Summary statistics

- Airport record, detailed (optionally with picture)
- Airport list condensed
- Airport list extended
- Plane database showing name and callsign


If you are looking for an advanced Logbook and Flight management system, you m,ay want to check out the FMS II pages.