How do i register the PilotLogBook ?

Use the password "xplane" to "register" the logbook.


How much does it cost ?

Nothing. It's free. But you are not allowed to redistribute the package, nor may it be bundled with
the XPlane CD or any other product without the written permission of HabakukSoft™.


How to contribute to the project ?

Once you are registered, you may send me feature requests, bug reports, denote flaws and other stuff. I will continue to upgrade the PilotLogBook. If there are some FileMaker freaks out there that are willing to improve the work i've done, then i will be willing to change PilotLogBook into a kind of an open source project.

I am not a real life pilot - so there most sure are some spelling errors and other bugs in the actual version of PilotLogBook. Feel free to send me feedback on that stuff !