You can order FMS II through Kagi, a secure online order service. You will be sent a order confirmation and an URL where you can download your copy of FMS II. We send the password for this software (usually) within 3 days after the payment has arrived.

FMS II Classic
This is the runtime version. You don't need any additional software to run FMS II classic. It has the same features as the Pro version, but you cannot change the structure or fields of FMS II.

FMS II classic for Mac : $25
FMS II classic for PC : $30

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Get your demo:
Mac :
PC :

This is the open database version. You need Filemaker Pro v4 to run FMS II Pro. You have full access to any structure, relation, script, field definition etc. You can change FMS II to whatever you like. (Although you are not allowed to resell your changes. Read the included documentation and licence agreement).

FMS II Pro for Mac : $50
FMS II Pro for PC : $70

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As a registered user of FMS II you are entitled for free upgrades and bug fixes up until FMS reaches v3 - then you will have an interesting upgrade option.

HabakukSoft will provide more aircrafts, updated airport, navaid and fixpoint databases and eventually some more tools like an airport database editor or aircraft converter etc.

We are a small software company and cannot provide 24h support. But we do our best to solve problems you may have with FMS II.

And we do appreciate any feedback and feature request so we can make the FMS projekt even more usefull.

for any further questions, please contact