We cannot describe each feature here on this web page. If you want to see a detailed description of each feature of the FMS II project, please download the pdf manual.

The Logbook
FMS II's logbook is the main part of the project. The other parts are sort of supplementary tables to the logbook, although they can be used without using the logbook.

The Logbook has basically the following features:

-Logging of preflight data
Pilot identity, aircraft, flight type, rules, cargo, departure airport data, flight plan (with unlimited amount of legs), estimated arrival data

- Printing the flight plan
FMS does a lookup of all known nav frequencies automatically when you plan a flight. You then can print the flight plan with all the nav points, bearings, distances and frequencies.

- Debriefing of the flight
After successfull touch down, you go and debrief your flight. There are arrival airport data and weather conditions, landing tech and success, system failiures, remaining fuel and others. If you couldn't fly the planned route, you simply revise the flight plan in debriefing.

- The trip description
FMS II makes it easy for you to attach your in-flight and debriefing text notes. You can even attach screenshots of special moments of your flight. This makes up for a very handy archive of flight experience.

- Statistics section
FMS II features a set of usefull, predefined statistical functions, but you can build your own queries very easy.

The airport database
FMS II features over 11000 airports in it's database. Each of them is listed in great details. You can lookup details of any airport. FMS II makes it easy for you to search for near VOR/NDB or other airports. You can attach user data to each airport, describing some details you like.

The nav / fixpoint databases
More than 14000 VOR/NDB/ILS records and a good 14000 fixpoint records are available for flight planning. FMS II makes it easy to query this huge datasets. Detailed nav/fix data is available directly in the preflight layout or in the flight planner.

The aircraft database
FMS II has a built in database of X-Plane aircrafts. All included aircrafts are listed with originally, detailed and accurate data. The data in this table comes directly from acf files from the X-Plane sim. Lookup aircraft details and add your own aircrafts.

The Flight planner
We provide you the only flight planning tool that is based directly on the data of X-Plane flight simulator. The flight planner features an easy way to find the next waypoint on your route. It calculates distance and bearing fro and to the next waypoint. You can even export the flight plans for later use.

We could go on for several pages this way... but if you want to know all about FMS II, feel free to download the PDF manual or the demo version of FMS II, available at the XPCity download section.

Best of all, HabakukSoft is listening to you. Send us your feature requests, and we do our best for the next version of FMS to implement whatever is usefull.

Get the demo:
Mac : Download Mac Demo
PC : Download PC Demo

Get the FMS 2 PDF Manual