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ATC Chatterbox is a RealBasic project, written in the spirit of the HabakukSoft™ QuickHack™ series.

The main purpose is to provide the XP sim & Mac freak a simple tool to hear ATC chatter in the background while flying in X-Plane.

Below you see the only window ATC Chatterbox features. First, select the folder with your sound files (any QT format), then select the delay between two snippets and you're done. Fire up XP and have fun !

Please note that the current release is kind of an alpha version. Don't use it without taking precautions (backup!).

I will take no responsibility for anything that may happen to you, your computer and your social life.

I have tested the app on my Mac and have found no bugs that lead to a crash, but i have not tested it very thoroughly.

If you test/use the ATC Chatterbox, please send me feedback, bug reports and feature requests.

Have fun !